4 Tips when working from home

If you want to work form home like you do in the office you’ll need to ensure a few basics are in place so you can be as, or potentially even more efficient than you were working in the office.

The first thing I notice when working from home, once I had finished the cakes and biscuits was I was getting up to move more and was starting to feel fitter ( I had to make my own tea!) in the office I could easily go 4 hours without moving from my chair. The 2nd thing was less disruptions so I can get more done. The downside was I wasn't catching what my colleagues were doing as much. Here though, I want to consider some of the more practical aspects when working from home.


The basics

  1. A computer
  2. A reliable broadband connection
  3. Access to your work systems – Emails, Files and programs
  4. A VoIP phone with a cloud phone provider


A computer, if you plan to work from home on a regular basis you also should consider having a monitor (ideally at eye level), a mouse and keyboard. The computer will need to have internet access and the software to access your systems securely.


And a comfortable chair..

A reliable broadband connection, working from home it is essential to have a reliable connection. It does not have to be the fastest but you do not want the hassle of the connection dropping. We have another article here about improving your Wi-Fi connection and another to check the Broadband.

Access to your  work systems is down to your IT department and the IT budget. Many of our clients use a terminal server so the home PC is acting a dumb terminal just giving you a window to your work desktop. In recent years some have started using Microsoft’s office.com website and 365 tools to access files, office apps and emails.

There isn’t a better solution, both have their advantages, it’s a case of what are your priorities both technically and financially. 365 costing less upfront but it’s a commitment you are tied to.

A VoIP phone, this enables you to make, take and transfer calls exactly the same as if you were at your office desk, you just need a network connection and probably a power supply. Most offices we set up have a PoE network which supplies power to the phones.


If you need help or advice on any of the above Apollo can help you, we support IT systems, we are one of the longest established suppliers of Cloud phone systems and we can supply the broadband that connects it all together.


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