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5 National Cyber Security Centres Tips

National cyber security centres advise taken from the website is summarised below, to get the full version and see actions you can take go to there web site. If you would like assistance just get in touch.

A specific tip which is not here as more people are using hosted email is to ensure more than the default security is enabled, we would recommend turning on MFA multi factor authentications in 365

1. Back up your data
Tip 1: Identify what data you need to back up
Tip 2: Keep your backup separate from your computer
Tip 3: Consider the cloud
Tip 4: Read our cloud security guidance
Tip 5: Make backing up part of your everyday business

Step 2 - Protecting your organisation from malware
Tip 1: Install (and turn on) antivirus software
Tip 2: Prevent staff from downloading dodgy apps
Tip 3: Keep all your IT equipment up to date (patching)
Tip 4: Control how USB drives (and memory cards) can be used
Tip 5: Switch on your firewall

Step 3 - Keeping your smartphones (and tablets) safe
Tip 1: Switch on password protection
Tip 2: Make sure lost or stolen devices can be tracked, locked or wiped
Tip 3: Keep your device up to date
Tip 4: Keep your apps up to date
Tip 5: Don't connect to unknown Wi-Fi Hotspots

Step 4 - Using passwords to protect your data
Tip 1: Make sure you switch on password protection
Tip 2: Use two-factor authentication for 'important' accounts
Tip 3: Avoid using predictable passwords
Tip 4: Help your staff cope with 'password overload'
Tip 5: Change all default passwords

Step 5 - Avoiding phishing attacks
Tip 1: Configure accounts to reduce the impact of successful attacks
Tip 2: Think about how you operate
Tip 3: Check for the obvious signs of phishing
Tip 4: Report all attacks
Tip 5: Check your digital footprint


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