Finalist in South Devon Business Awards,

Apollo are Nominated and Finalists for the best Digital or Tech Business Award.Apollo IT were Finalist in the category best Digital or Tech Business. We were praised for the great work we do, the outstanding customer care and communications.

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5 Tips to improve your WiFi

It can be very frustrating when your WiFi keeps dropping or you have black-spots where the WiFi disappears. The good news is there are lots of things you can do to improve the coverage, keep reading to discover 5 simple tips that can improve your WiFi.

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Should we outsource our IT support?

A small business has many choices when it comes to IT support, you could; In-house or outsource? If I outsource should it be the ad hoc jobs or all the IT? Should I get a one-man band or a specialist IT support company? Read on to learn the Pros and Cons of each and decide which is right for you.

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We are...

On 30th June, Apollo I.T. will be incorporated for 10 years. Researching businesses that are 10 years old, you discover only 4% of all businesses make it this far. We would like to enjoy this moment and see what how things have changed.

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Farewell old friend

One of the best products Microsoft has offered small business is reaching End of Life and Microsoft are offering no direct replacement. Yes, it’s the end for Small Business server, the last edition SBS 2011 starts to reach "end of life" in January 2020.

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Windows 7 End of Life

Technology moves along at an incredible rate. One minute you have the latest mobile phone and the next something new is on the market. Having an out of date mobile is one thing, but soon you could be using a Microsoft operating system that is leaving you exposed to cyber attack. That's what will happen when Windows 7 end of life arrives.

Microsoft has a life cycle for their products, and when that product reaches end of life, there are serious security implications for any business that continues to use it. Think of all the work that you put in to protecting your business data and then imagine that data being hacked and stolen because you are using an operating system that is out of date.


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Don’t take the bait: How to recognise and avoid Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are one of the greatest and most common threats to all computer users. As these attacks become more common and sophisticated it is imperative that end users and businesses alike learn how to identify Phishing and and what actions to take when being targeted. In this Blog we aim to highlight some of the most common forms of Phishing and help you to avoid becoming a victim. 


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How to get emails on your IPhone

How to get emails on to your iPhone 

Follow this guide to connect your IPhone to an exchange server. If you need a guide for an Android please ask and we will email it to you.


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5 Cyber security tips from .gov web site

Cyber Security

Cyber security is constantly in the news and is affecting most business. The attacks we see are sometimes sophisticated but these basic steps found on the cyber essentials web site will mitigate most the common intrusions.


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15 short tips to Stop Ransomware getting on your computer

The way to stop Ransomware is to plan to protect against it, below are 15 top tips from our software partner Heimdal. None of our clients using the measures below has suffered a successful attack to date.

If your data is encrypted already there are somethings you can try before you go down the “pay the ransom” route. See the link at the very bottom of the page.


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Office 365 vs Server – What is the best email server solution for your business?

When it comes to Microsoft email servers, there are two options for you to consider: Exchange Server 2016 and Office 365.

Both options have their advantages and implementation challenges and finding the right solution for your business can be extremely daunting. In essence, the main difference is one is a self-hosted system (Exchange 2016) and the other is cloud based (Office 365).


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Ransomware: What you need to know

What is ransomware? 

Ransomware is one of the fastest growing forms of cyber-attack. At present there are nearly 3 million unique samples and more are appearing every day.


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