Get the most out of 365

There are so many great training resources for Office 365 there is no excuse to not know how to get the best out of Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive, Outlook and Teams.

The time for lazy excuses "I don't do technology" are gone. Spending 15-30 mins a couple of times a week for a couple of weeks can improve your experience and effectiveness with these tools.

Can on reading to see some of the most useful links we have found.

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How to get the best from your IT support

As they say in the best self help guides, "just follow these simple steps".. to a better life, well, maybe we can't promise that but it certainly may help!

You discover you have an IT issue and you want to raise an IT Support Request, support request should only be logged by the designated contact person in the company. This stops duplicate and frivolous jobs being created.

The 3 steps follow.

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Technology keeping you connected

The world we lived in 6 months ago is very different to the one we live in today, the global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus has turned all that we thought we knew on its head.

 For most of us going to work every day seemed like it would last forever, we'd always need to work and the jobs we do just aren't the kind of jobs you can do from home.

 Then we were forced in to lockdown and EVERYTHING changed, all of a sudden, the journey to work we'd been taking for granted all of these years had been taken from us, for some that are not classed as key workers this meant being furloughed (or worse) but for a lot of people, technology allows us to continue on working remotely from our offices.

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Ransomware, what you can do.


There are 2 sides to what you can do, one is before you are infected, which is a lot easier to implement and once you are infected. Once you have been infected your options will be determined by the preparations you made before the attack and will also depend on the severity of the attack.

Read on to see what you can do.

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Finalist in South Devon Business Awards,

Best Tech Business Awards

Apollo are Nominated and Finalists for the best Digital or Tech Business Award.Apollo IT were Finalist in the category best Digital or Tech Business. We were praised for the great work we do, the outstanding customer care and communications.

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5 Cyber security tips from .gov web site

Cyber Security

Cyber security is constantly in the news and is affecting most business. The attacks we see are sometimes sophisticated but these basic steps found on the cyber essentials web site will mitigate most the common intrusions.


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Should we outsource our IT support?

A small business has many choices when it comes to IT support, you could; In-house or outsource? If I outsource should it be the ad hoc jobs or all the IT? Should I get a one-man band or a specialist IT support company? Read on to learn the Pros and Cons of each and decide which is right for you.

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We are...

On 30th June, Apollo I.T. will be incorporated for 10 years. Researching businesses that are 10 years old, you discover only 4% of all businesses make it this far. We would like to enjoy this moment and see what how things have changed.

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5 National Cyber Security Centres Tips

NCSC small biz guide

There is a lot you can do to keep your systems safe. The National cyber security centres has lots of guides and tips which we have listed below, to get the full version and info about action you can take go to there web site. If you would like assistance making your systems and data secure just get in touch.

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4 Tips when working from home

If you want to work form home like you do in the office you’ll need to check a few basics are in place first, then you can be as efficient as you were when you worked in the office.

The first thing I notice when working from home, once I had finished the cakes and biscuits was I was getting up to move more and was starting to feel fitter ( I had to make my own tea!) in the office I could easily go 4 hours without moving from my chair. The 2nd thing was less disruptions so I can get more done. The downside was I wasn't catching what my colleagues were doing as much. Here though, I want to consider some of the more practical aspects when working from home.


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Broadband issues – Troubleshooting guide

If your broadband has stopped working altogether or has been dropping out intermittently there are a few things you can try yourself before contacting your service provider that could get you up and working again much sooner and save you a call out charge.

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My ISDN and PSTN phones won't work soon?

PSTN switch off

We are hearing of calls pertaining to be from BT or their partners where they are deploying scaremongering tactics to commit your business into lengthy phone contracts - by telling you that analogue telephone lines are being phased out, and you “must act now”.
Do not panic. You don’t need to “act”, or buy anything on these calls..

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5 Tips to improve your WiFi

It can be very frustrating when your WiFi keeps dropping or you have black-spots where the WiFi disappears. The good news is there are lots of things you can do to improve the coverage, keep reading to discover 5 simple tips that can improve your WiFi.

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We simply do it all.

complete IT service

By offering all the services, it means we cannot “pass the buck”. How many times is an IT or phones issue blamed on to the ISP (the broadband provider) the phone company, the IT Company, the ISP but if one provider supplies it all they have nowhere to go.

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15 short tips to Stop Ransomware getting on your computer

The way to stop Ransomware is to plan to protect against it, below are 15 top tips from our software partner Heimdal. None of our clients using the measures below has suffered a successful attack to date.

If your data is encrypted already there are somethings you can try before you go down the “pay the ransom” route. See the link at the very bottom of the page.


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