Free phone calls

Free phone calls

Every extension on the system get an additional 2000 minutes of FREE calls.
what calls are included in my 2000 free minutes? any call to a 01 02 or 03 number is included.
So, if you have 10 extensions on your system you get 20,000 free 01,02 and 03 calls PLUS a further 20,000 minutes of 07 calls included. In reality what this means are these calls are free.
Calls internally, even if the internal call is abroad are included.
What about 07 (mobile phone calls)? We give you an additional 2000 minutes per extension of mobile phone calls. these are pooled across all your phones.
What about charged calls? International calls are charged, we can supply a full rate card but these are some prices.
And 08 numbers? unless it's an 0800 number which are free, we would say don't call it. 083 084 and 087 call charges are in line with guidelines. we use which offers free alternatives.

All prices are pence per minute
Australia 3p
USA 3p
Ireland 1.5p
Japan 5p
Germany 2.5p
China 40p

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