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As many local business have discovered, by partnering with Apollo it is one worry less. Our team have a combined experience of 70 years in computing technology, working in a variety of industries and disciplines. 

If you are looking for an "one stop" IT services company in Devon, you've found it with Apollo.

We've found the ideal solution for businesses who cannot justify their own "in-house" IT team, yet prefer not to rely on "one man bands".

In house IT is too expensive for most and if you have a one man IT department who covers when they are Ill or on holiday? Running the IT for a business requires a great variety of skills, for these 2 reasons looking to outsource to a support team may be the perfect solution for your business. With Apollo you get a team of engineers, available year round and costing less than the price of employing one computer technician.

Many clients have moved to us after experiencing one man band support, this can initially appear a little cheaper but the same issues can apply as employing one person, what if they are ill, or as some clients have seen, what if they are unavailable due to other calls on their time. As a team we can work more efficiently and effectively as we have the resources to plan and implement procedure we have learnt across many other sites.

Our clients come from a wide variety of industries including;  production a number of local food producers, manufacturing, wholesale, retail, service including charities, staffing, legal and architects and being in Devon supporting the hotel and leisure sectors.

As people, we believe in our results the relationships and being communicative.


IT and computer support for Business

Proud to support every type of business, regardless of sector or size. We have particular skills and experience in:

  • Helping you and your staff work smarter, with fewer delays or snags
  • Offering high quality support experiences in a way that "one man bands" cannot provide
  • Turning systems around, that have been neglected - and making them assets again 
  • Giving value-led advice and system design
  • Providing sound IT strategy and planning
  • Systems consolidation and efficiency gains


Connectivity Services for Business

Proud to support every type of business, regardless of sector or size. We have particular skills and experience in:

  • Managing installation of phone lines
  • Broadband, (ADSL VDSL - Fibre) Leased lines
  • Network cabling
  • Network installation, configuration and management
  • Wi-Fi system and remote management
  • fully featured phone systems.


Our mission and commitments...

"To better your business by using the best combination of Information Technology, both today and tomorrow."

And in doing so, we will:

  • Uphold high ethical standards, and honest practices
  • Communicate openly and regularly
  • Listen to your needs, and offer relevant choices
  • Give realistic costs and timescales for our work
  • Carry out our work in a professional, efficient manner
  • Ensure that your data is secured and safe
  • Be environmentally responsible for our energy usage and electrical waste

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Hello. We are Apollo, specialists in IT Support, Cloud Phones, Broadband and Computer Systems for businesses. Based in Devon - and serving the UK. We are your team of technology experts: our clients range from Charities to Marinas. As an ISO 9001:2015 registered firm we are committed to quality and improvement in everything we deliver.