We are...

We are...

On reflection, much of our success and the fun we have had is down to working with friendly clients that are often as passionate about the service they deliver as we are.

Well what has changed? We sadly are older and looking it too though, still loving what we do.

Where and how we work are very different; the key change from when we began is we have an admin team that answer the phones so we can crack on with the technical work.

The technology has changed; it was nearly all Windows XP, SBS2003 and ADSL broadband that was forever breaking.

Some technologies have come along and transformed our business. Virtualisation has meant we can sleep at night, with the ability to take a backup and copy it to one of our spare servers gives our clients greatly improved disaster recovery and us peace of mind.

We have had our ups with many great customers and the team at Apollo has really been awesome. We have had our downs too when things have not gone right, when roofs and plumbing have leaked and I can remember some very long hours in the early days.

We continue to train, research, test and try to improve, we offer Broadband, Phone systems and have become VoIP experts, we are the IT partner to 60 firms and support many more, the future looks bright but we do not take it for granted.

With all the changes and ups and downs it has been great fun and our hope it that we will still be here in 2029 and that we will be working as a partner with many of the same companies we do now.


Update from June 2022 - Where does it go? We are approaching our teenage years, please bear with us :)


Hello. We are Apollo, specialists in IT Support, Cloud Phones, Broadband and Computer Systems for businesses. Based in Devon - and serving the UK. We are your team of technology experts: our clients range from Charities to Marinas. As an ISO 9001:2015 registered firm we are committed to quality and improvement in everything we deliver.