Cyber Essentials

5 Cyber security tips from .gov web site

Most of these are easy to implement and can save you a lot of stress, so we would recommend going through the list, you may well be pleased you did.

1 Use a firewall to secure your Internet connection

Your internet connection is how you get out but how “things” come in.


2 Use passwords

Passwords should be strong – there are free password managers.


3 Control who has access to your data and services

Ensure users do not have full access


4 Protect yourself from viruses and other malware.

There are a variety of antivirus and malware solutions, remember you get what you pay for.


5 Keep devices and software up to date. Patch management

Do not use software that is not supported and ensure all the software on your PC’s are fully up to date. There are products that can check this for you.


Our easy to follow tip is check the checklist on the bottom of the page.


If you need to get certified.


Our tip to add to this list is; if you have a good back up it can save your business and the important part is to make sure a backup is not connected to the network (via USB or network).


If you need assistance with security, we can arrange a full security audit.


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