ISDN switch off

My ISDN and PSTN phones won't work soon?

BT are advising planned sales of PSTN and ISDN services will be stopped in 2020 and the support of these services finishes in 2025. There are no exact dates we can find but this is in line with what is happening in other countries.
So what does this mean for your business? In summary, nothing is stopping now but when your Business phone system needs replacing you'll need to look at a VoIP solution. We would recommend you review what you will do with your phones well before 2025.
Our sales pitch here is we were one of the first companies in the south west to invest in VoIP and have a wealth of knowledge in delivering and supporting VoIP systems.
You can read more here about our offerings:
To read more about BT's future plans you can read here
What we believe will happen is; slowly the ISDN service will die and BT will inform you officially well before you are caught out.
Regarding PSTN lines, we will need them to deliver broadband services for a while longer and there will be no viable alternative before 2025. In our opinion PSTN telephone call services may disappear but PSTN lines will be with us for a good while longer.
Just remember do not panic :)


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