Server Virtualisation Devon

Server Virtualisation

When you virtualise your servers in Devon - you keep your systems intact, your costs down, and your risks reduced.

Apollo convert physical servers to virtual. With cloud/on-premise options - Apollo are specialists in Microsoft Hyper-V and VM-WARE virtualisation technologies.

Talk to us about your servers. We offer complete management of the virtualisation process and support the whole issue.


The benefits of server virtualisation in Devon

  • Save energy
  • Save space
  • Faster server installation
  • No hardware ties
  • Increased uptime
  • Better disaster recovery
  • Isolated applications
  • Extended life of old applications
  • Cloud ready / portable


What is server virtualisation?

An analogy:

Imagine 10 cars heading to the same destination, with only a few passengers between them.

The passengers all know each other, and decide to travel by minibus, saving their individual resources by travelling together.

If the minibus breaks down, the passengers simply alight and board another. And by using the minibuses instead of cars, fuel costs are reduced and there are fewer parts to break.

The “Physical Server” is the minibus.

The “Virtual Servers” are the passengers.

In technical tems, server virtualisation is division/isolation of resources (CPU, RAM, HDD etc), for fitting multiple servers into one physical box.

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